Flushing equipment incl. water hoses fitted on a yellow concrete mixer.
Flushing equipment in a production building.

Flushing equipment

The flushing equipment speeds up the water batching process and reduces the time required for cleaning the mixer.

The unique Haarup flushing equipment is used both for adding water and for cleaning the mixer. The water is distributed in the entire mixing pan and therefore mixes quickly and homogeneously into the concrete. Large amounts of water are added through special nozzles at a pressure of approx. 8 bar. In this way, the parts of the mixer that are not in contact with concrete are flushed every time water is added. This also minimises the build-up of concrete on the inside of the mixer.

The final, manual cleaning of the mixer is significantly reduced because the system is also used to continuously flush the inside of the mixer during production or at the end of a production day.

High-pressure flushing equipment can be added for cleaning the mixer during production breaks, when changing colour or at the end of the production run.

  • Combined water batching and flushing
  • Limited build-up of concrete during production
  • High pressure provisional and end cleaning