2 fitters working to install a mixer in an upgraded concrete plant
A new concrete mixer in the factory building of an upgraded plant.

Plant upgrade – the key to increased productivity

We are specialised in upgrading existing concrete plants with decades of experience with this type of projects.

An upgraded plant not only ensures improved productivity, but also significantly extends the expected lifetime of the plant and is, of course, a sustainable investment in the future.

Here in Haarup, we can upgrade practically all equipment in a mixing and batching plant, from the batching equipment to the mixer and control system, and thereby future proof the production.

Upgrading existing concrete plants can be challenging due to limited space, lack of documentation and tight schedules, but we are ready to make on-site measurements of the plant and create a tailor-made project that is optimised in terms of budget and schedule.
Focusing on the big picture, at Haarup we only provide solutions that are feasible in practice. This is how we ensure an ideal result for our customers.

Every time.

  • Extended lifetime
  • Improved productivity
  • Optimised concrete quality
  • Higher capacity utilisation
  • Minimised downtime
  • Limited investment
  • Sustainable choice