About us

The founder of Haarup Ole Christensen with his paving machine.

It all started in a basement

The story of Haarup Maskinfabrik begins in a basement in 1964

The newly qualified blacksmith, Ole Christensen, built a paving stone machine that could be used to make many different concrete products. After completion, it was immediately demonstrated and sold to a concrete product factory. This was the launch pad for the production of many machines like this one.

The paving stone machine was a real success. Over time concrete product factories began to make profit in part because of the paving stone machine, and the number of requests and demands for semi-automatic batching and mixing plants along with other kinds of specialised machinery increased.
This led to a natural development of our product range. You could say that in Haarup we have prospered together with our customers since the customers' needs have been pivotal during this process.
Even today, our customers' needs and wishes have a major influence on our ongoing development, as market feedback often kick-starts the further development of an existing product or inspires the development of new machinery. 

Haarup remains a family-owned company.

Focus on mixing and batching plants

In the early 1980s, our company was busy delivering complete plants for the production of blocks and paving stones

These plants included all the necessary equipment. At one end, raw materials were batched and at the other end, pre-packed products were delivered. These machines were both developed and manufactured by Haarup.

In 1990, Haarup made a fundamental decision to concentrate on designing and manufacturing equipment for batching and mixing plants. Focusing on development of this area therefore became a top priority and has been ever since.

At Haarup we today supply anything from complete plants to individual pieces of machinery, both directly and through our dealers, and we upgrade and optimize plants all over the world.
Our key markets include Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. 

Aerial photo of Haarup Maskinfabrik from 2020.


At Haarup we support Doctors Without Borders