Close-up photo of a yellow face-mix mixer.
Three face-mix mixers placed on a robust steel construction.

Face-mix mixer

These mixers are primarily used for mixing face-mix concrete for paving stones.

The construction of the face-mix mixer reduces the build-up of dry concrete in the mixing pan and behind the shovels. If dry concrete is mixed into the face-mix concrete, it will cause flaws in the surface of the paving stones.

The mixer also prevents the formation of tiny cement spheres by adding water directly into the concrete. The spheres may form if water drops are added to the cement before the cement has been fully incorporated in the aggregates. The cement spheres will dissolve on the surface of a paving stone and cause tiny holes.

The specific design of our face-mix mixer combined with a unique system for batching water in the mixer, the specially designed shovels and scrapers ensure that these issues do not arise.

  • VM300, VM500 & VM750
  • Batches water directly into the concrete
  • Support arms with inlets
  • Extra thin side scrapers
  • Specially designed mixing shovels