Concrete mixers
and mixing plants
as they should be

Long lifetime. Low operational costs.

We are both an engineering office and a manufacturer.
We are your reliable business partner with sound finances and 60+ years of experience.
From manufacturer to manufacturer.
We know exactly what it takes to ensure efficient operation.
Haarup - a promise of quality and value-adding solutions

60+ years of know-
how and experience

Since 1964, we've contributed to defining the standards of the industry. We have delivered thousands of concrete mixers and mixing plants to customers in more than 50 countries worldwide. This invaluable knowledge and experience will, of course, always be at your disposal and integrated into your solution.
We guide you through the entire process: from concept development, 3D measurement and consultancy to production, installation and commissioning. After that, we will (on request) be happy to share our expertise with you through annual service visits.

60+ years of know-
how and experience

Uncompromising quality makes the difference

With us, quality and durability are not just words; they're a guarantee. We don't hesitate to offer an 8-year warranty on our mixers, which is unique in the concrete industry.
We have the equipment and expertise to guarantee you optimal solutions and a secure investment framework - every time.

That's why the natural choice is Haarup when it comes to all types of batching and mixing plants.

Uncompromising quality makes the difference

One-stop solution.
No outsourcing

When buying concrete plants, some people purchase pieces in east and west as if the plant were a jigsaw puzzle. However, we believe in the value of a uniform production process and therefore produce all key machinery ourselves here at own facilities in Haarup, Denmark.
This way we can not only guarantee the highest quality, but also ensure timely delivery.

Two concrete mixers in a concrete production building.

Perfection with
1 mm precision

You might say we are perfectionists.
It is part of our DNA.
Large or small parts - everything is systematically checked. We don't compromise on quality, which is reflected in the millimetre-precise construction of our equipment.
Only the best is good enough.

Perfection with
1 mm precision

Your business,
your challenges

We know the challenges you are facing. Targets such as increased capacity or constraints such as space and budget limitations. We have done this many times before and are happy to assist so that together we can find the most profitable and long-term solution for you.

Your business,
your challenges
Concrete plant with an inclined conveyor and three filling hoppers.

No one-size-fits-all solution

Every concrete plant is unique. Therefore our starting point is always your project, your company and your industry.
First, we design and customise the best possible solution for you. Then we produce the parts in-house here in Haarup, which gives us a unique opportunity to continuously monitor the quality of each process.

From concept to finished product - it's all about understanding your needs.

Spare parts –
order today, delivery tomorrow

Breakdowns are expensive and waste valuable production time. That's why we have the industry's largest stock of
high-quality wear and spare parts.
We provide fast support, and we can ship most spare parts from our warehouses in Europe or the US on the day of order, so you can resume production as soon as possible.

The long-term

Are you looking for a reliable and financially stable business partner? Then we are the perfect match.
Our industry expertise dates back to 1964, and we have the highest possible credit rating: AAA.
We offer you a long-term co-operation based on trust, stability and mutual respect.
We gladly commit ourselves to this. Always.

That´s why!