Yellow concrete mixer installed in a production hall.
Two different concrete mixers pictured with a skip hoist.

Haarup counterflow mixer

Haarup counterflow mixers are the result of innovation and continuous production development. The smallest mixer size holds 300 litres of material, and the largest is the powerful 6,000 litre mixer.

Both the mixer gear and the mixer itself are designed and manufactured at our own production facility. We produce with full traceability and continuous quality control of all processes. That's why we offer an 8-year warranty on all our gearboxes.

A combination of rotation and counterflow makes it possible to produce high-quality concrete of all types.

The gearbox is highly efficient, which means that all our mixers are very low-noise, and this naturally has a very positive impact on the indoor working environment. The gearbox is fitted with hardened and ground gears mounted in spherical and conical roller bearings ensuring stable support of the gears.

Power is transferred from the motor to the gear goes through a fixed coupling through a hydrodynamic coupling (applicable for mixers from 1,125 litres) which ensures a smooth start-up of the gear and protects against overloading.

  • Unique 8-year warranty
  • High-intensity mixing process
  • Gearbox designed and produced by Haarup
  • ​Mixer designed and produced by Haarup
  • Very robust
  • Low operational costs
  • Mixer sizes from 300 to 6,000 l
  • Ideal for all types of concrete