Prduct photo of a yellow mono rail concrete travelling bucket running on one rail.
Mono rail concrete travelling bucket ready to have its pan cleaned by the flushing station.

Mono rail travelling buckets

The bucket runs on two sets of steel wheels in a steel rail.

The bucket is equipped with two electric motors each pulling a set of hardened steel wheels running inside a steel profile. High-quality steel rails are welded onto the steel profile and guarantee a very long lifetime of both wheels and rails.

The bucket is available with either rotational or bottom discharge and can climb inclines of up to 8%

Travelling buckets transporting liquid concrete can be cleaned automatically at a flushing station.

  • For 1125, 1500 and 2250 l mixers
  • Speed up to 120 m/min.
  • Inclines up to 8%
  • Rotational discharge
  • Bottom discharge
  • Hard metal rails