Dual rail concrete travelling bucket that has just discharged its load.
Dual rail concrete travelling bucket ready to have its pan cleaned by the flushing station.

Dual rail travelling buckets

Haarup travelling buckets run on high-quality rubber wheels which enable high speed at low noise level during operation.

The travelling bucket has a robust design which protects critical components in a sturdy steel chassis. When driving along a curve, the bucket has two bogies which make it possible for the bucket to turn very sharply and run along curves with inclines.

The hydraulic motors are thoroughly tested Danfoss motors that run with automatic differential in curves.

The bucket is supplied with either rotational or bottom discharge and can handle inclines of up to 15%

  • For 1125, 1500, 2250, 3000 and 3750 l mixers
  • Speed up to 180 m/min.
  • Inclines up to 15%
  • Rotational discharge
  • Bottom discharge
  • Automatic differential in curves