Dust filters fitted on the top of a silo.
Product photo of dust filter installed on a yellow mixer.

Effective dust filters

Haarup supply reliable filters for cement silos and mixers that significantly improve the working conditions around the equipment.

When cement is filled into a cement silo, the filter protects the environment from dust.

The filter is installed at the top of the silo. Haarup supply a unique steel flange with a labyrinth seal to ensure that rain does not penetrate the filter.

The filter can also be fitted on a mixer. When 1 m³ of material is filled into a concrete mixer in 4 seconds, 1 m³ of air is simultaneously displaced. This causes excess pressure in the rather airtight mixer which increases the risk of water being forced into the mixer gear.

We have developed a system for solving the dust extraction problem by starting the extraction ventilator before materials are added. This creates a slight vacuum minimising the amount of air that needs to be displaced from the mixer.

Haarup can supply dust filters for all mixer sizes, and the filters can be adapted to local conditions.

  • Weatherproof material
  • Filter size from 5 to 16 m²
  • Rectangular or round filter elements
  • 0.75 - 4 kW dust extraction motors