Two cement weigh hopper supplying two mixers.
Cement weigh hopper installed on a concrete mixer in a factory.

Cement weigh hoppers

Haarup supply robust steel cement weigh hoppers.

Accurate weighing of cement requires correctly dimensioned cement screws and a well-functioning weighing system.

Haarup offer cement weigh hoppers in many sizes from 130 to 2,400 kg. A Haarup cement weigh hopper is factory-equipped with valves, a turning gate, an air filter, an electrical junction box and an inductive limit switch for indication of open/closed gate.

A throw-off plate is mounted below the inlet from the cement screw to ensure better distribution of the powder in the weigh hopper.

The weigh hopper has a ring for hanging control weights and is designed for suspension from one tension load cell.

The mixer can be fitted with a PUR-inlet to make cleaning quicker and easier.

  • Valves
  • Pneumatic turning gate
  • Air filter
  • Electrical junction box
  • Inductive limit switch at gate
  • Standard sizes from 130 to 2,400 kg
  • Weighing with tension load cell
  • Pneumatic vibration for efficient discharge
  • Throw-off plate
  • PUR-inlet in mixer