Truck unloading material on an inclined conveyor.
The top of an inclined conveyor shown inside the production building.

Inclined conveyors

Reliable transport of aggregates with very low operating costs.

A Haarup inclined conveyor is characterised by its very long lifetime and its simple maintenance requirements. Unlike other filling systems, an inclined conveyor has only few wear parts.

The inclined conveyor is fitted with a very wear-resistant rubber belt.

The belt is smooth on inclines up to approx. 18°. The smooth belts allow the use of Haarup's special scraper made of hardened spring-steel cast in polyurethane.

When the inclination exceeds 28°, carriers (chevrons) are vulcanized onto the rubber belt.

The inclined conveyors are manufactured from quality steel and hot-dip galvanized.

Covers for both carrying and return belt can be supplied on demand, and a maintenance walkway can be installed on either one or both sides of the conveyor.

Inclined conveyors longer than 50 m are equipped with automatic belt tighteners that come with safety fences.

  • Inclines up to 28°
  • Possible bent on inclined conveyor (optional)
  • Belt width 650 or 800 mm
  • Wear-resistant rubber belt
  • Flame-retardant rubber belt (optional)
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel structure
  • Stairs and walkway mounted on conveyor
  • Cover for carrying and return belt
  • Safety equipment