Truck unloading in a filling hopper.
A filling hopper photographed at ground level.

Filling hoppers

Filling aggregates into hoppers requires a wear-resistant and robust design.

The standard solution is a 15 m3 aggregate hopper designed to receive materials from rear tippers. The hopper is hot-dip galvanized. The grating over the hopper can be designed to support the load of a truck allowing the driver to back up onto the grating. Haarup also offer special hoppers for side tippers and hoppers on columns for aggregate filling above ground level.

The filling hopper can be equipped with a cover to protect the hopper from rain or snow.

The filling hoppers are designed and manufactured by Haarup.

  • Standard sizes 3 - 24 m3
  • Fill by truck, front-end loader or from big bags
  • Options for rear and side tippers
  • Grating designed to support a truck
  • Hot-dip galvanized structure
  • Cover for hoppers