Three filling constrol systems pictured outside.
Employee operating the filling control system.

Filling control system

Filling systems require a filing control, which can be placed on-site near the filling hopper so that the driver can select the bin or silo to fill when delivering materials. The filling control can also be located decentrally, e.g. by the mixer operator.

Filling control for the automatic filling of materials into silos: The control consists of a PLC control unit built into a separate cabinet, and the front panel of the cabinet houses the interface of the filling system.

The control cabinet also holds motor circuit breakers and relays for the individual components of the system including the main switch and emergency stop.
The control system is designed for both automatic and partially manual operation. In the event of a stop, the plant's conveyors etc. in both automatic and partially manual operation will continue to run until they are completely empty.

If the cabinet is to be installed outside, Haarup offer a hot-dip galvanised cabinet with heating elements to protect the controller from dirt, snow, cold and water.

The filling control system is used to control inclined conveyors and distribution conveyors.

  • PLC control unit
  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Fitted in galvanized, heated cabinet (optional)
  • Robust design