Distribution conveyor distributing aggregates in the aggregate bins.
Distribution conveyor unloading aggregates in an aggregate bin.

Distribution conveyors

Distribution conveyors ensure efficient and quick distribution of materials from an inclined conveyor or skip hoist to the designated silos.

At Haarup we offer solutions for distributing aggregates in all types of aggregate bins. These include single row silos, large square or rectangular bins. All variants are designed as robust, hot-dip galvanized steel constructions built for high reliability and minimised maintenance requirements.

The Haarup standard solutions include as follows:

Rotating distribution conveyors generally used for 4 silos positioned side by side, but which can also be used for distributing materials between two skip hoists.

Rotating, movable and reversible distribution conveyors often used for plants with 6 to 10 silos placed in two rows.

Movable and reversible distribution conveyors typically used where silos are placed in one row.

Movable and reversible distribution conveyors with 2 short reversible conveyors at each end commonly used where silos are placed in two rows and for plants with 12 or more silos.

Combinations of the above distribution conveyors can be connected efficiently for more specialized systems.

The equipment typically consists of a centrally placed cylindrical column with a rotating steel frame. The conveyor is supported by a flat steel ring mounted on the silo platform.
The entire structure is hot-dip galvanized to ensure a long lifetime.

The equipment selected varies from project to project, but all solutions offer the same high quality and limited need for maintenance.

  • Used for material silos and skip hoists
  • Rotating and movable features (optional)
  • Inclines up to 17° possible
  • Reversible belt (optional)
  • Hot-dip galvanized structure
  • Safety equipment
  • Material sensor fitted on conveyor