Bucket elevator pictured with 6 yellow silos and a concrete mixer.
Bucket elevator shown inside a production facility.

Bucket elevators

A concrete plant bucket elevator must process a very high workload in a harsh environment on a daily basis, and our bucket elevators are adapted to the high demands of the concrete industry.

For this reason, the bottom section of the bucket elevator is hot-dip galvanized to ensure a longer lifetime in the humid environment. The standard version of our bucket elevator is equipped with automatic tightening device, overload sensor and belt misalignment sensor. Hardox wearing plates are fitted in both inlet and outlet chute. Maintenance platform and railing are hot-dip galvanized. The bucket elevator is easily accessible for maintenance, and the buckets are of very durable quality.

Bucket elevators are supplied to us by a German supplier that has specialised in exclusively manufacturing this type of equipment.

  • Galvanized bottom section
  • Overload sensor
  • Belt misalignment sensor
  • Wear-resistant buckets
  • Pre-assembled on delivery (optional)
  • Galvanized platform and railing
  • Wearing plates and ribs in outlet
  • Automatic belt tightening device
  • Easily accessible for maintenance