Three aggregate bins shown in front of a concrete plant.
Yellow aggregate bins installed outside with mixers in a solid yellow frame.

Aggregate bins

Haarup supply day bins, ground bins, in-line bins and tower silos.

Haarup's different types of bins and silos each have their advantages depending on the infrastructure of the concrete plant and the capacity needed.

In-line bins are used in larger plants. Their advantage is a large storage capacity combined with their relatively low height. The bins can be built into both new and existing buildings, or they can be a separate building structure complete with a mixer platform. This makes it possible to design a very compact plant with a low building height. In-line bins are available as either round bins or quadrangular, connected bins, and basically there are no limitations as to the number of bins.

Haarup manufacture aggregate bins with square silos and central outlets which has a number of advantages compared to the round silo systems. A square silo optimises space utilisation. The centred outlet ensures minimal wear and tear of the silo walls, and the covering of a square structure is much simpler. Aggregate bins are used when space is limited, but a large and fast capacity is required. They are particularly suitable for plants producing ready-mix concrete.

Ground bins allow visual inspection of the bin contents and do not require investment in a filling system. They are filled directly by rear or side tippers. The ground bins can be equipped with gratings to remove impurities and hydraulic covers to protect against adverse weather conditions. At Haarup we offer a large selection of steel outlet chutes for installation in the concrete structure of the ground bins. If necessary, geothermal heating systems can be used to keep the bins frost-free.

  • Hot-dip galvanized bins from 3 m3 to 49 m3
  • In-line bin systems
  • Ground bin systems
  • Square and round silos
  • Side covering of silos (optional)