Weighing unit construction in a production building.
Yellow weighing hopper in a concrete production facility.

Weigh hoppers and weighing units

Weigh hoppers can be used for weighing aggregates as a separate unit or in combination with a moving weighing belt.

A weigh hopper is suspended from load cells and can be installed above the mixer, a skip hoist or a belt conveyor that transports aggregates to the mixer.

The hoist bucket itself can also function as a weigh hopper. The hoist bucket moves into a weighing unit where it rests on two load cells. This way it is possible to use the hoist bucket as a weighing unit or for control weighing.

This is a very compact unit equipped with adjustable parallel hinges between the fixed and movable parts. The hinges enable a continuous adjustment of the inclination of the weighing unit between 60° and 75°.

The weighing unit can be used where it is not possible to install a weighing belt with high sides. Here the weighing unit and the movable weighing belt can be used jointly for weighing aggregates.

The weighing unit can be used for control weighing of each batch in plants with volumetric batching. Here, the weighing unit can be used for weight checks of each charge. Provided with a Mixo control system, the unit can also be used to calibrate the volumetric batching units.

  • Used for 300 l to 6,750 l mixers
  • Square weigh hopper
  • Round weigh hopper
  • Galvanized or painted
  • Discharge on belt conveyor, in hoist or mixer
  • Wearing plates (optional)