Product photo of a vibrating chute.
Vibrating chute unloading aggregates on a weighing belt.

Vibrating chutes

Our special vibrating chutes are used for batching aggregates by weight.

The vibrating chute works as a pneumatically operated batching gate which is pushed back during coarse batching. When fine batching the gate is pushed forward, and a vibrator activates the material flow. A pneumatically operated opening and closing shutter is mounted at the front of the vibrating chute. It opens during fine batching by vibration and closes after batching to prevent after-run. This enables high-capacity coarse batching and highly accurate fine batching.

A steel wearing plate is bolted onto the bottom gate.

The batching gate can be set to different capacities for coarse batching and can therefore easily be adapted to any mixer size.

Haarup's vibrating chute is a low-maintenance, durable and hot-dip galvanized construction. The vibrator is a standardised, electric vibrator that does not require a special thyristor in the control unit.

  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Coarse batching
  • Fine batching
  • No after-run
  • Standard vibrator
  • Wearing plate in gate
  • Easy-to-use controls