Two batching gates in a production hall.
Two batching gates in a production hall seen from below.

Batching gates

Haarup batching gates can batch both coarse and fine sand and stone materials.

When used for sand, the gate is equipped with one cylinder. The gate opens fully during coarse batching. The gate cycles during fine batching.

When batching stones, the gate is equipped with two combined cylinders. During coarse batching, the gate opens fully, and during fine batching, the gate opens to approx. ⅓.

The gate plate is made from a thick, rolled steel plate. The suspension is mounted in rod eyes and is therefore easy to adjust.

A gate can very quickly batch very large quantities of material in such plants where large quantities of the same material are processed.

The pneumatic cylinder is equipped with a piston rod made of stainless steel.

The batching gate is equipped with an inductive limit switch to ensure that the gate is closed when batching is complete.

The entire unit is hot-dip galvanized.

  • Capacity from 50 to 90 l/sec.
  • Outlet opening in two sizes
  • Solenoid valve included
  • Pneumatic cylinder with piston rod of steel
  • Inductive limit switch included
  • Moisture sensor mounting bushing (optional)
  • Butterfly mounting plate for vibrator included
  • Hot-dip galvanized unit