Our next goals

In 2021, we started working to reduce our carbon footprint on everything
we purchase and transport.

In 2024, we continue to work on this goal in accordance with science-based targets, so that we can be more structured and realistic about our goals going forward.
The result of this work is ready for publication in the second half of 2024. 

Two production workers are welding side by side in our workshop.


We start by taking a closer look at our purchases: which of them generate the largest carbon footprint? Then we start looking for action to take.

Our largest carbon footprint when purchasing originates from our steel consumption. As a rule of thumb, around 2 tonnes of CO2 are emitted for every tonne of steel produced. We purchase around 1,000 tonnes of steel every year.

We use 2 methods to reduce our carbon footprint from steel:

  • We intend to reduce steel consumption by optimising the design of our equipment, but of course without compromising the durability and functionality of the constructions. We expect this to result in an annual reduction of approx. 2% over a 5-year period.
  • We will start sourcing fossil-free steel from 2026 onwards. For this purpose, we have entered a partnership with SSAB. It will be exciting to see how much fossil-free steel we can get delivered. We are dreaming about 80% of our total consumption being fossil-free steel before 2031.