Inspiration for your green transition

We hope your company can find inspiration for your green energy transition here.

Switching to 100% green technology requires commitment, time and focus, but if you work with companies that are experienced in the field, it's not as complicated as many might think. 

With reliable suppliers by your side, the time you will need to invest in the green transition should be limited. Therefore, this will not have a negative impact on the core business, and in fact you can realise a lot with a relatively low investment of time and money. 

Below a list of suppliers that we can recommend.
Feel free to contact Managing Director Hans Christensen for further information.

  • 4,500 m2 solar panels
  • Annual production of approx. 1.155.000 kWh
  • 943 kWh battery capacity
  • 22 heat pumps
  • Annual revenue 2020: 7%
  • Annual revenue 2021: 7%
  • Annual revenue 2022: 21%
  • Annual revenue 2023: 7%


Our annual consumption of natural gas for heating has been reduced from approx. 115,000 m3 to 0 m3

0 L

Our annual consumption of
heating oil has been reduced
from 11,000 liter to 0 liter


This is equivalent to
the total emission of
approx. 186 fossil fuelled cars


Our 12 batteries have a total capacity of 943 kWh.

The batteries reduce fluctuations between the output from the solar panels and the energy consumption of the production. Surplus energy is stored for operation during the night hours and the first approx. 3 hours of the workday, when the solar panels do not yet produce enough power to meet all our operational needs. 

The batteries are designed for outdoor installation. The battery cabinets contain 8 battery cells units each with a capacity of 10 kWh. These battery units are with the same type of lithium-ion batteries as used in modern electric cars. The battery cells are manufactured in Great Britain, and the rest of the system including the software is produced in Denmark by the company Xolta. 

The batteries do not only allow us at Haarup Maskinfabrik to optimise the use of our own solar cells. They also contribute to the stability of the public power grid.


Xolta battery system for storing excess electricity placed under a canopy.
Solar panels placed on Haarup's own property.

Solar panels

Use solar panels with the highest efficiency rates and power output.

The solar modules make up roughly 60% of the cost of a new installation.

40% of the costs are made up of inverters, frames, installation, electrical work, internet connection etc. These 40% are basically always the same whether you choose low or high-performance solar cells. This part of the investment is returned the best way by choosing high-performance solar panels.

As space on rooftops and on the ground is limited, you should optimise the area installing high-performance solar cells.  

We use inverters from the company solaredge. They ensure optimal utilisation of the solar panels and effectively consider any shadowing effect on the panels.

All six of our plants were designed, installed and serviced by Sveigaard, a small but highly competent company with projects both nationally and internationally. We are very satisfied with them.
Sveigaard Energy (Website in Danish)

You can find more information about solar cells on the website of the Danish Solar Cell Society:
Dansk Solcelleforening (Website in Danish)

Surplus electricity can be sold to:
Jysk Energi (Website in Danish)

Heat pumps

All our heat pumps are air-to-water heat pumps.

They have replaced our gas burners and not only reduced our energy costs, but also more than halved our maintenance costs.

Our supplier of the complete system for our paint shops, Moldow, supplied 2 x 200 kW heat pumps from the company DVI Energy.      

To heat our buildings, we use 20 heat pumps from the company Vølund, which were installed by the skilled installation company Kjellerup VVS.

Vølund Varmeteknik (Website in Danish)

Kjellerup VVS (Website in Danish)

Heat pumps placed on the roof of Haarup Maskinfabrik.
2 workers at Haarup are installing a cabinet.

Energy savings

The LED lightening and the complete electrical installation were supplied by the company Salten El.
Salten El (Website in Danish)

Varmeblæsere over porte er leveret af Stavoklima fra Tjekkiet. Brug elektriske varmeblæsere - ikke gasdrevne.

The energy efficient fibre laser cutter and the bending machine were supplied by the German company Trumpf.

Electric cars and vans