Financing the transition

The total investment from 2016 amounts to approx. DKK 17,000,000

Return on investment (less write-offs) was approx.:

  • 2021: 7%
  • 2022: 21%
  • 2023: 7%

Return on investment is subject to the energy prices of e.g. gas and electricity.

Per driven kilometre our electric cars are approx. 50% cheaper to operate compared to cars with an internal combustion engine.

We have become more energy efficient in our production. Between 2016 and 2023,

  • the number of employees increased by approx. 40%
  • the number of m2 grew by approx. 50%
  • inflation-adjusted turnover increased by around 70%

Our own energy consumption increased by around 10% during that period, but most of this energy was generated by our own solar panels.

Even though we have increased our workforce and gained more square metres, we have succeeded in not increasing our energy consumption accordingly despite the fact that we have even shifted more production to our own factory during these years.

Yes, we have done exactly the opposite of outsourcing. 

Charging points for a number of electric cars at the parking area of Haarup.