Haarup counterflow mixers are a result of new thinking and continuous product development. Production takes place with full traceability and full quality control – One of the factors that enables Haarup as the only company within the concrete industry to offer an 8 years guarantee on all gearboxes. A combination of rotation and counterflow within the mixer makes it possible to produce most types of concrete to an extremely high quality. Extensive tests of the counterflow mixers have also proved this.

The gearbox is Haarup's own design and has a high efficiency giving a noise level under 85 db (A) for all mixer types/ sizes, which in turn allows factory operators a very good, internal working environment. The gearbox is fitted with hardened and ground toothed wheels, which are placed in spherical and conic ball bearings to ensure a very stable suspension of the toothed wheels. The gear is supplied with an open oil sump and requires therefore no lubrication pump, temperature supervision or other equipment, as there is sufficient oil to absorb the heat. The power transmission from the motor to the gear takes place via a stationary coupling to a hydrodynamic coupling (1125 litre mixer upwards), which protects against overload and allows the mixer to be started under full load.

See the film showing our own careful production and control of gears >

In 2012 Haarup introduced a 6000 litre mixer for production of ready-mix concrete >