Water Weigh Hoppers

There are two types of water weigh hoppers available:
  • Water weigh hopper with direct weight dosing measures the necessary quantity of water in the weigh hopper, then it is added to the concrete mix. This type is used when large quantities of water have to be used, which have to be added quickly.

  • A water weigh hopper with reversed weight dosing weighs an adequate quantity of water from which a certain percentage is added as coarse dosing and the last necessary quantity is added via fine dosing valve.
Both types of water weigh hoppers are suspended in a tension load cell and installed in a unit with valves etc.

Both types can be used for clean water or recycled water.

Here is a map showing you which states in the US allow the use of process water when batching. (This link will take you away from the Haarup.com website).