Technical material


Haarup Steel Cast Wear Plates

For customers with Haarup mixers, from sizes 750 – 4500 litre, Haarup now offers you wear plates with an unrivaled guarantee. 

Haarup now gives a guarantee of 6000 hours of operation on these wear plates! 

With this guarantee Haarup yet again sets a new standard for wear plates! 

The side wear plates are made with a tapered edge at the top to reduce the build-up of concrete. The plates are also approximately 5 mm thicker at the bottom than at the top in order to allow for even wear distribution of the wear plates. 

The bottom wear plates are made so that each individual segment fits to within a few millimeters, and as the Haarup mixing pans are always true and flat, this makes installation and exchanging a far quicker and simpler task.
With Haarup cast wear plates you get the following advantages: 
  • Longer intervals between replacements
  • “Easy” replacement in both time and alignment
  • Plates are cast in sizes which are easy to handle
  • Better working environment
  • The design of the plates has been optimized to enable better wear and tear
This film shows mixing in a 1500 litre mixer. The precise tolerances which are used to manufacture the mixer show how close the shovel can and has to be adjusted to the bottom. The special discharge shovel and the side scraper combined with the big discharge opening ensure a quick discharge of concrete >