Haarup offers a range of special solutions for hoists which many customers have taken advantage of during the years:

Haarup can for instance:

  • Install hoists on existing machines
  • Supply hoists with a low building height
  • Supply hoists with falls safety device
  • Supply hoists with check weighing in the bucket
  • Supply hoists with extra stop positions on the rail

The unique range of Haarup hoists offers solutions for most tasks.

As you can see here - Haarup also offers to put in hoists for old mixers - even if they are not from Haarup >

See a movie where the empty bucket is filled, travels up, and empties in the mixer >

See a complete mixing cycle seen from the hoist >

See how a hoist is installed on a 3000 litre mixer. Steering device is used to open and close the gate of the hoist bucket mechanically and safely >