Face-Mix Mixers

Haarup introduces a new and innovative type of mixers for among others face-mix concrete for paving stones and other concrete products.

The Haarup face-mix mixer has been developed in close cooperation with manufacturers of paving stones. With 50 years of experience within machine design and the practical and technical experiences of the Haarup customers, Haarup has succeeded in designing a face-mix mixer with the well-known Haarup quality and 8 years warranty.

Through intensive tests with mixing of materials and a careful supervision of material build-up after mixing has taken place Haarup succeeded in significant improvements in for instance the following areas:

- Through a patented addition of water Haarup succeeded in reducing dry colour and cement build-up in the mixer.

- Through an optimization and innovation of addition of materials Haarup has succeeded in reducing build-up of aggregates, cement, admixtures, and colour in hard to reach corners.

- Flow tests and mixing cycles continued for months resulted in a ground-breaking design of mixing arms and mixing shovels for the mixer and in this way a further, significant reduction of material build-up in the Haarup face-mix mixers was obtained.

- A unique, new dust exhaust device recirculates exhausted air by separating particles and air from each other. This together with the new arms and shovels ensures much faster and more efficient mixing of fine sand, cement, and colour. By the exhaust device the particles are moved back to the mixer so that these are not lost during the cycle. With a ventilation that guarantees an emission of MAK > 0.1 mg/m3 the exhaust device complies with (DIN) EN 60335-2-69.

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