Technical material

Mixer composition

Shovel arrangement

Haarup Counterflow Mixer Type 4500 L

The Haarup mixer is a strong and robust construction with unique design that pays every attention to detail. A combination of rotating mixing stars with rapid rotating mixing shovels ensures thorough mixing of concrete with the minimal amount of mixing time.

Capacity of Mixer

  • Max. input: 4500 litres or 7200 kg.
  • Capacity: 3000 litres compacted concrete

Technical Data:

  • Power: 132 kW IEC motor
  • Number of mixing stars: 4
  • Number of mixing shovels: 10 (3+3+2+2 on each star)
  • Number of top shovels: 2
  • Number of side scrapers: 2
See how intensively and efficiently concrete is mixed in a 4500 litre mixer. The efficient side scraper is easy to see. It helps when concrete is mixed and discharged, but it also cleans the sides of the mixer. The efficient and automatic wash-out system cleans most of the mixer in a very short time >

See how a Haarup mixer is manufactured in Haarup’s own factory in Denmark >