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Mixo 3000

The Mixo3000 control is built on Haarup’s own software which is run on a microprocessor process control.
The software is tested thoroughly and is extremely reliable.

It is most likely one of the most dynamic controls in the concrete industry. It can be used for almost all plant configurations – With standard software.

The control of each customer is built up by means of a range of standard symbols which make it faster and easier to start up using the control and later on possibly extend it.

The operator can on working days control the plant by means of symbols which represent the different parts of the physical plant. By means of a mouse you can for instance click on the symbol for the mixer and quickly see all essential functions and parameters. On working days an operator is almost unnecessary in the control room. Concrete can be ordered by means of external control units or automatically.

The system is intuitive and easy to use – even for a person with only small IT experience.

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A complete control was delivered in a complete control room with air-conditioning system and ventilation >

At Emsland Beton in Germany a Mixo3000 controls the new batching and mixing plant >