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Concrete Control

All Haarup process controls for concrete plants are built in the same way, regardless of the size of the concrete plant. The software is tested thoroughly before it is installed at the customer. The process control controls orders, weighing, transport and mix of aggregates for concrete mixes which are afterwards transported to the required place of delivery.

The exact weighing algorithms and self-adjusting batching units of the system are unique for the Haarup concrete controls. The mechanical parts of the plant are controlled by means of clear symbols in the screen of the operator. The software is tested in advance and all symbols are predefined. This provides a number of advantages: A Haarup control is very quickly to start up and to use. No surprises.

In our experience the first or second concrete mix is used directly in the production.

As all software is standard software you can update to a new version without problems, if required. By using standard software the customer (and Haarup) is independent of a programmer.

All Haarup electricians can visit all customers with standard software to extend the controls etc. immediately.

The controls are backward compatible.

The software is built in modules so that you only buy what you need.

For the controls you can choose to connect Windows based:

  • Data collection and data processing programs
  • Ready-mix concrete programs
  • Data export programs for external laboratory programs

These programs can run on a standard PC. If problems with the PC arise you can still manufacture concrete as the process control can run independently of other connected PC-based programs.
The control cabinets are made in Austria by Baumgartner Automation - One of the most qualified companies in Europe.

All components are thoroughly tested quality components from the companies Schneider, Pilz, Siemens etc.
Almost all control cabinets are from Rittal.

Haarup have supplied controls since 1980 and the control is still under development. Therefore, you get a control which is optimised for concrete.