Hoppers for Tip Loading

Haarup offer a range of solutions to store concrete at the places of consumption. Regardsless whether concrete is delivered via a belt or via a concrete travelling bucket Haarup have the solution.

If you need a delivery position after a concrete travelling bucket Haarup can supply the solution. You get a delivery position, which is adjusted to your need, and which is a design that is bolted together, which can be adjusted in the height. Regardless whether you have an existing concrete travelling bucket rail or plan to install a new one a hopper is available for you.

If you want colour mix Haarup can also offer a solution, so that you do not have to re-build your existing mixer or concrete travelling bucket rail. With 3 concrete hoppers the colours can be combined as required by you.

See a case where 3 concrete hoppers at the discharge station ensures that the customer can produce colormix on his existing mixer >