Combined Concrete Hopper / Wash-Out Station for Concrete Travelling Bucket and Waste Chute to clean the Mixer with Water

As concrete hopper it can contain one charge concrete to be picked up by for instance a truck.

As wash-out station for a concrete travelling bucket it collects wash-out water that has been mixed with residual concrete and conducts it to the floor. The wash-out pipe with nozzles turns forwards and backwards (approximately 60°) to clean the bucket.

As waste chute it receives cleaning water with residual concrete from the mixer. The cleaning water can be conducted down into a chute which is ended with a rubber pipe. The rubber pipe has to be led down into a hopper in which residual concrete settles. When the hopper has been filled with residual concrete this is removed by a truck and emptied. This hopper is not included.

The photos show (cleaning platform level): A 1400 litre Duotrans-RO-Curve concrete travelling bucket above 1 wash-out station/chute.

At floor level you see the lower part of the 2 concrete hoppers and the chute which can be swung away when concrete is collected.