Cement Silos 

No matter whether you prefer a new silo installed or an existing exchanged Haarup have the solution.

Haarup offer a complete range of silos for cement and fly ash. This range includes silos including from 30 t to 175 t.

The silos are supplied complete with safety grating and ladder. As optional equipment Haarup for instance offer:

  • Chock blasters - To prevent that materials bridge.
  • Service platform - For easy access to the outlet of the silos.
  • Load indicator - Gives off a signal when there is space for an extra load in the silos.
  • Silo Control - For supervision of the silo content and stops blow up if the silos are full.
  • Silo filter - For collection of dust when the silos are filled or when batching from the silos takes place.