Filling control

This control can be placed locally so that the drivers, who deliver aggregates, decide which hopper has to be filled, or it can be placed in the office or weighbridge to allow designated persons to control which bins are to be filled, once the bin has been selected filling takes place automatically.

The control consists of an Omron PLC control unit built into a separate cabinet in which the front plate is supplied with operating handles and pushbuttons, a flow diagram and diode lamps for indication of the state of the plant.

The control cabinet is supplied with motor overload switches and relays for each particular unit in the plant along with the main switch and emergency stop switches.

The control is for automatic as well as partially manual operation and is fitted with automatic empty running of conveyors etc. in the plant for either manual or automatic operation.

If the cabinet has to be installed outside, Haarup can supply a hot-galvanized secure cabinet with heating elements that keep the control clear of dirt, snow and water.