Filling Hoppers

Filling of sand and stones requires a hard-wearing and durable design. Haarup offer as an example a 15 m3 filling hopper for aggregate deliveries whereby the lorry discharges by means of rear tipping.

This hopper is not only easy to maintain, but is also hot-galvanized and supplied with a man-hole for easy access when servicing.

As an alternative Haarup can offer special hoppers for lorries with side tipping.

We can also supply filling hoppers, which are placed above ground level, where it may not be possible to place hoppers below ground level.

Haarup can also supply an automatic covering of your filling hopper, so that the hopper and the aggregates are protected against rain and snow as soon as aggregates have been unloaded from the lorry.

The above-mentioned are just part of a total solution that has been developed over many years. Haarup will of course help you in finding the correct solution for your plant / project.

Haarup has supplied 5 hot galvanized aggregate bins for extension of a plant in Germany >