Aggregate Bins

Haarup supply several types of bin systems. Each system has its own advantage’s dependent on what is produced. Different requirements and demands for capacity often decide which bin system is selected.

In-line bins are used for large plants and have a high capacity meaning that a large, active storage capacity is obtained. The bins can be integrated in new as well as old buildings or they can be of an independent design with mixer platform etc. This gives a very solid plant with a building height that is not much higher than the other production buildings. In-line bins are supplied as either circular bins or square bins, which are constructed so that they are easily assembled together.

Bins placed in the ground have more advantages, as these types of systems give the possibility of a visual control of the content and do not require an investment in a filling system. The bins are filled from the back or the side of a lorry. Bins placed in the ground can be supplied with grids that can assist in stopping impurities/ objects getting into the materials. Furthermore, they can be supplied with hydraulically operated doors that protect against the all weather conditions.

Teknologisk Institut got a complete batching and mixing plant with 5 aggregate bins which can be exchanged and make an infinite number of aggregates possible >

Suding Beton- und Kunststoffwerke GmbH would like to have frost-proof ground bins and supplied the concrete for these bins themselves >