Technical material

Weigh Unit In Hoists

For weighing or check weighing Haarup have developed a weigh unit for hoists. When weighing takes place the hoist bucket rests in the weigh unit that is connected with 2 load cells. It is a very robust & solid design supplied with adjustable, parallel guides between the stationary and loose section. This makes stepless adjustment of the gradient of the weigh unit possible - Between 60° and 75° compared to horizontal position.

The weigh unit can be used where it is impossible to insert a weigh belt with high sides. Together with a lattice weigh belt it can be used to make up a total weigh hopper that weighs each material.

Alternatively it can be used in plants that today use volumetric batching. Here the weigh unit can be used to check weigh each charge and it can be used to set and test the volumetric batching units.The weigh unit can be supplied with a control weighing device supplied with 14 mm high, shinning figures.

From the front plate of the display the present weight can be read and lower and upper limit values can be entered. When exceeding a predetermined limit value an alarm signal is given.

Read case in which a weighing device of the hoist is used in connection with a totally new mixing and batching plant for a customer in Germany >