Vibration Channels 

Haarup’s special vibration feeders are used for weight batching only and work as pneumatically operated batching gates for coarse batching and as a vibration channel for fine batching. This allows you to obtain a high capacity of coarse batching along with a very precise means of fine batching.

For coarse batching the batching gate can be set at 5 different capacities and can be adjusted to the actual mixer size.

In front of the vibration channel a pneumatically operated opening/closing flap is installed, which opens when batching takes place and closes in order to stop any excess material once batching is done. A wear plate is bolted on the bottom gate.

With Haarup's vibration feeder you get a design that ensures low maintenance and a high lifetime. The whole design is hot-galvanized and the motor vibrator, which is used for vibration, does not require any special control units.

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