Stationary Weigh Belts 

Stationary weigh belts with high sides are developed to be used in situations where there is enough space under the hopper system. When batching while the weigh belt is not in operation you obtain a saving as concerns the frequency regulation, but at the same time you have to expect that more space has to be used under the hoppers. The weigh belt has both a high capacity and a very exact weighing.

The whole design is hot-galvanized and Haarup manufacture a range of safety equipment for all situations.When using a weigh belt with high sides you are able to weigh the next charge, while the hoist and mixer finish the current mix. Whereby you obtain a higher cycle time and you can batch for a longer time to obtain even greater precision.The weigh belt is supplied with wear plates that are easy to exchange thus increasing the lifetime of the weigh belt.The weigh belt is suspended in load cells fitted with adjustable spindles that allow for easy installation and adjustment.
For a customer in Germany Haarup delivered a specially designed weigh belt. Materials of the hoist bucket are weighed from the weigh belt >

For another customer in Germany Haarup delivered a weigh belt which together with a weighing device of the hoist forms an exact weigh hopper >