Technical material

Moisture Measuring

It has always been a challenge to the concrete industry to measure the moisture of materials. Therefore, Haarup have for some time offered their customers an automatic moisture device for their aggregate bins.

Moisture measuring takes place through a microwave probe that is fitted in to the aggregate bins, in the middle of the flow of aggregates. The probe gives a true reading of the actual moisture percentage. Hereby a correction of the free moisture at each mix is obtained and moisture does not have to be manually tested. Using in conjunction with Haarup's Mixo3000 control the probe for moisture measuring is an extremely good tool to obtain homogeneous concrete. The signal is taken directly into the control that corrects each mix and arranges for the extra quantity of materials to be batched for which the moisture "cheats" the weigh hopper. The signal from the moisture probe can either be sent directly to the mixer control or via a separate box that shows the moisture percentage on a display unit that can be installed in the plant.

A moisture sensor can for instance be installed on a travelling weigh belt or a batching belt.