Lattice weigh belts

For plants in which space is decisive Haarup have developed a weigh belt without high sides.

The weigh belt is used in combination with a weigh hopper or weigh bridge in a hoist bucket, which forms a common weigh system in which the aggregates are weighed out at the same time as the lattice weigh belt is running and thereby transports the aggregates to the weigh hopper or the hoist bucket. With this system you get quick weighing and discharge.
The belt is suspended in load cells fitted with adjustable spindles, which makes installation and adjustment easy.

The lattice weigh belt is hot-galvanized and very dependable.

The Haarup lattice weigh belt is made as a stiff, self-supporting lattice construction supplied with lateral guide for fastening in the bottom floor. Furthermore, the belt conveyor is supplied with a quality rubber belt, underbelt plough, rollers and spring-operated belt scraper.

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