Aggregate Batching

Accurate aggregate batching – An essential for quality concrete

We think it is possible to manufacture equipment that is accurate without being technically complicated and therefore, Haarup have developed a range of batching units for all needs.
It is important that the units work all the time, but it is also important that the units have high wear resistance and long durability.

All Haarup batching units are hot-galvanized and they are manufactured according to the highest standards. Attention to the finer details and low maintenance costs mean that you will not get a better solution in the market, if you compare price and maintenance costs.
However, Haarup quality is not the only characteristic. Take for instance our weigh belts, these are supplied with a range of safety equipment that can be selected, so that you can offer your employees the highest degree of safety and they are able to obtain access for maintenance with minimal restrictions.

If you want documentation like control weighing of aggregates Haarup can also supply the solution. With a weigh bridge in the hoist it is possible to check weigh each mix. Furthermore, it is possible to test batching equipment that time batches.

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