Technical material

Admixture Weigh Hoppers 

Dependent on the quantity of admixtures we offer weigh hoppers with 1-2 and 4 weigh chambers. Each weigh chamber can be supplied in different sizes. It is important that the weigh chamber has the correct size so that weighing is as precise as possible.

Haarup admixture weigh hoppers are complete units housed in a stainless frame with rotating telescope suspension and safety chain.

For certain plants volumetric dosing of admixtures with a visual possibility of control via a sight glass can be used, prior to addition in the mixer takes place.

Dosing pumps are typically supplied as gearwheel pumps with capacity adjusted to the actual need. This ensures that you achieve the most exact weighing. Frequency regulation of the dosing speed of the pumps can be a good solution for varying weighing of admixtures, but it is not always necessary.