Haarup started like many other companies in a cellar in 1964. Here Mr. Ole Christensen, as newly educated fitter, started to manufacture a slab machine, which was able to manufacture many different products. As soon as one machine had been manufactured, it was immediately demonstrated and sold to a concrete factory. In this way many machines of this type were produced.

As the concrete factories by means of the slab machine made profits, they required among other things semi-automatic batching and mixing plants and other special machines. This led to a natural development of Haarup's product range and you can say that Haarup has grown together with the customers, as the needs of the customers were decisive of the development. The needs of the customers today also contribute to the development, as the feedback from the market often influences on the development of new products.

At the beginning of the eighties Haarup supplied complete factories for manufacturing of blocks and block paving. These factories included all equipment for batching raw materials and finishing products. The factories were made with self-developed and self-manufactured machinery, but in the eighties Haarup decided to concentrate on projecting and manufacturing of equipment for batching and mixing plants. This resulted in the fact that Haarup concentrated on development within a smaller area than previously and this started the development of Haarup mixers, Mixodatamat control, concrete travelling buckets and many other products - a development that continues.

As a specialist in batching and mixing plants and in the light of the large product range of single products Haarup is able to offer specially adjusted solutions to the concrete industry. Today Haarup is world-wide supplier of both complete plants and modernizations, optimizations, and single machinery, either directly or through agents.

In 2009 Haarup enlarged the capacity by building a new production hall. In the new hall a new plasma cutting machine with a very big work table and 10 new work stations was installed. This should ensure a better, future flow of the production.

Today Mr. Hans Christensen has taken over the job as Managing Director of the company from his father.

In 2012 Haarup North America opened. Mrs. Suzanne Runion is Director of Operations of Haarup North America and existing customers in North America are serviced from Haarup North America and new machinery and equipment for both new and existing customers are sold to customers in both the USA and Canada.