Nye doseringsbånd Eksisterende silo med vibrationsfødere De gamle udslidte vibrationsfødere skulle udskiftes med nye galvaniserede doseringsbånd Nyt galvaniseret gittervejebånd

Renovation of batching plant in Denmark

As an 1125 litre Haarup mixer had to be exchanged an ageing batching plant also had to be modernised.

The original batching plant was worn because of the age of the plant, but also because the factory used aggregates from the sea.

Therefore, all cones were exchanged by new, hot-galvanized cones and new batching belts were installed.

At the same time batching was permanently changed from volumetric batching to weight batching.

Haarup has made several renovations of batching plants.

In the old plant vibration channels were used. Haarup can also supply such vibration channels of high quality.

In the plant batching gates are not used, but of course Haarup can also supply batching gates.