Haarup vs. the Pirates

Long stoppages because of defective parts are expensive and unnecessary.

Haarup all the time focus on parts of a high quality at competitive prices. Therefore, all Haarup wear parts are produced with a careful control and registration. Haarup choose subcontractors in a short distance from Haarup to be able to check all parts.
Before wear parts like for instance mixer bottoms are shipped the fit is tested. This ensures that Haarup wear plates fit the first time – every time. Furthermore, the Haarup mixer bottoms are supplied with special bolts which are flush with the plates which shows when the plates have to be exchanged and simplifies the exchange of the plates. On mixer bottoms there is also up to 6,000 hours warranty. Therefore, Haarup customers experience an advantage compared to pirate wear parts as they get a product which has a long lifetime, is simple to exchange and thereby ensures short stoppages.

Haarup have an extensive stock of Haarup original wear and spare parts. This means that all vital parts can be delivered directly from the Haarup warehouse in Denmark with delivery the next day in most European countries. Furthermore, Haarup have a warehouse in the USA which means that Haarup is close to all customers and can offer the service which is important to the customers.

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This film shows mixing in a 1500 litre mixer. The precise tolerances which are used to manufacture the mixer show how close the shovel can and has to be adjusted to the bottom. The special discharge shovel and the side scraper combined with the big discharge opening ensure a quick discharge of concrete >