Complete filling system The truck empties its load The hill and the ramp is being dugged away after the filling system has been taken into use. The bottom of the belt The distributor belt at the top of the silo The distributor belt distributes the aggregates i  the double row aggregate bins. Ifyldningssilo med kapacitet til et helt læs. Kan også leveres, så lastbilen kan køre henover risten. Komplet ifyldningsstyring. Placeret i galvaniseret, aflåst skab. 17 graders pladetransportør uden medbringere.

Filling of Sand and Stones in Norway 

Here Haarup have changed the filling so that it takes place with a conveyor belt to a distributing conveyor which is placed on top of aggregate bins. Previously there was a ramp to the bins which took up much space in the factory area. Now the ramp has been removed and replaced by an inclined conveyor and a complete filling system. Today the top of the bins is covered.

Previously discharge took place directly from a lorry.

After the customer has started using the filling system the ramp has been removed.

At the road to the factory the filling hopper was sunk into the ground to get better logistics.

The complete filling control  was built into a galvanized cabinet with a heating unit as the factory is situated in a cold region.